Henry Cavill as Superman in "Man of Steel." Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill is Superman

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Henry Cavill naturally exudes the qualities of a Superman. Considered the modern epitome for the character, much like Christopher Reeve was in the 20th century, Cavill holds strong to the standard of the Man of Steel. He’s kind, charismatic and compassionate. Cavill is also a dedicated and well practiced actor.

Possibly one of the most popular Superman actors of our time, Henry Cavill has proudly stared in the role since 2013, appearing in “Man of Steel,” “Batman vs Superman’ and “Justice League.” Henry has always dreamed of being an actor and pursued a career in the field for years before landing his break through role as Superman/Clark Kent.

In this universe building introductory movie, Henry played a more isolated Superman. Isolated until Amy Adams’ Lois Lane showed up, that is. Cavill was the first non-American actor to play the role of the Metropolis Marvel in a major motion picture. He tried out for the part previously for the failed flop, “Superman Flyby” and blockbuster film “Superman Returns.” Coincidentally, Amy tried out for Lois Lane in both aforementioned movies as well.

In being cast as Superman in “Man of Steel,” Henry became the third British actor to play the lead role in a reboot of a successful screen adaptation of an American comic book series. Before him Christian Bale was cast as Batman and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

Zack Snyder cast the English actor in 2011 for “Man of Steel.” After initial tryouts, Snyder had Cavill model the historic Christopher Reeve Superman suit. 

Henry Cavill in the “Superman: The Movie” costume. Photo courtesy of Zack Snyder

“The clincher was our suit wasn’t ready so we were doing a screen test. And we put him in the old Christopher Reeve suit ’cause it’s all we had,” Producer Deborah Snyder recalled. “And even though that suit was many years old, he put it on and stepped out of that trailer and everyone was in awe of him. And we knew at that moment that he was our Superman.”

Henry is an avid fan of DC Comics and used the American medium as the sole inspiration for his interpretation of Superman. His favorite Superman storylines/sources he used for inspiration include “Death of Superman,” “Return of Superman,” “Superman: Red Son” and “Earth-One.”

Like Christopher Reeve before him, Henry takes on the mantle of Superman quite literally. He loves the character and sees it as a great honor to portray him. Henry understands the responsibility and represents himself as Superman when greeted by fans. 

Henry is the first actor since Christopher Reeve to play the role of Clark Kent/Superman in more than one film. He currently ranks third in number of years of operation as Superman/Clark Kent. Tom Welling is in the lead with a decade on screen, Christopher Reeve is in second with nine years and Henry places third with almost eight, but he’s quickly closing in. 

Cavill’s favorite actor is Russell Crowe. This is due largely to the fact that one of Henry’s personally beloved films is “Gladiator,” in which Crowe stars. Ironically, Henry went on to play the son of Crowe’s charactermJor-El in “Man of Steel.”

In January 2014 Henry purchased an American Akita dog from Big Bear Arkansas and named him Kal after Superman. Fans have nicknamed the dog “Super Puppy.”

I’ve grown up absorbing anything and everything Superman. The character means the planet to me. When I look at Henry, all I see is Superman. I hope to see him return to the role once again.

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