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Director Zack Snyder to receive honor from the Hollywood Critics Association

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Director Zack Snyder will be receiving the Hollywood Critics Association’s first-ever Valiant Award at the virtual fourth annual HCA Film Awards ceremony on Friday March 5, 2021.

“As a fan of Synder’s ever since ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ I couldn’t be happier that we will be acknowledging his visionary filmmaking and resilience to overcome any obstacles,” HCA chair Scott Menzel said in a statement. Zack Snyder is a very well known director in the comic book genre with his movies like ‘Man of Steel,’ Batman v Superman,’ ‘300,’ ‘Watchmen’ and the hotly anticipated ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ are some examples of his work.

“As someone whose own life was impacted due to suicide, I was extremely moved by how Zack and his wife and business partner Deborah turned their incommensurable pain into altruistic action, spearheading an effort that has helped countless individuals and families,” Hollywood Critics Association chair Ashley Menzel added in her own statement.

Snyder, and his fanbase through the Snyder Cut movement, raised over $500,000 dollars for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. To raise additional funds for the AFSP during the HCA Film Awards, the Hollywood critics association plans to purchase a host of Snyder’s merchandise on the Ink to the People fundraising platform to give away on their social media channels during the ceremony.

Some of the upcoming projects of the director are the “Snyder Cut,” “Army of the Dead” and a German prequel and an animated tie-in show.

Fans can view the Hollywood Critics Association on their official Facebook and Youtube channels respectively.

Consider donating to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here.

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