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Impeachment trial: Senate votes that Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional

The United States Senate voted that former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is, in fact, constitutional.

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The Senate trial of former president Donald Trump started on Tuesday with a debate and vote on the constitutionality of his second impeachment trial.

House managers and the former president’s lawyers took up to four equally divided hours to make the case for or against the constitutionality of Trump’s second impeachment, followed by a Senate vote that passed in its favor by 56 – 44 votes.

House managers laid out their case for constitutionality on Tuesday. “President Trump was impeached while he was in office for conduct in office. Period.”

Trump’s legal team challenged the legal foundation of his post-presidency trial, and said the proceedings will “tear this country apart.”

The Senate adopted the rules for the trial by a vote of 89 – 11 and is unlikely to achieve the two-thirds vote required to convict Trump, according to news outlets.

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