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‘Titans’ cast Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon enters the fray

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Variety has confirmed that Titans season 3 will continue to grow in scale, and size. As of today Savannah Welch (Tree Of Life, Boyhood) has been confirmed to play Barbara Gordon on the HBO Max series. However, she will not be suiting up as Batgirl but Commissioner Gordon because her days of patrolling the streets and fighting crime, are officially behind her.

According to the casting description “In Season 3, Gordon is Gotham City Police Commissioner. Uses a wheelchair. She used to be Batgirl until she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. She has a combative relationship with Bruce Wayne. Her life gets more complicated when Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) returns to Gotham, rekindling their old romance and starting a new crime-fighting partnership.”

It seems that since the series has migrated to HBO MAX, a lot of things behind the scenes have shown signs of improvement. From the writing to the lack of saturation in color, or the divisive tone. However, it will be interesting to see how the franchise will touch upon the events of “The Killing Joke” which is the novel by Alan Moore that showcased the retirement of Barbara Gordon of donning the cape and cowl as one Batgirl.

Commissioner James Gordon and his daughter, Barbara as Batgirl. Photo courtesy of DC Comics

Of course many know the character would then go on to still work with the Bat-family as Oracle. Only time will tell to see how fans and audiences will react to the casting and the official portrayal of such an iconic character as Barbara Gordon. 

The thought of Titans diving into the emotional trauma with strong adult themes is truly an avenue the show could travel. 

Season 3 of “Titans” is slated to be released on HBO Max later this year. Learn more about Savannah Welch here.

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