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Wisconsin pharmacist arrested for allegedly tampering with COVID-19 vaccines

A Wisconsin pharmacist has been arrested on charges of allegedly tampering with more than 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in the state.

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Police have arrested a hospital pharmacist in Grafton, Wisconsin, for allegedly destroying 57 COVID-19 vaccine vials (more than 500 doses) by “intentionally” removing the vials from the pharmacy’s refrigerator. Authorities are still investigating the possible motive.

In some places frontline workers are refusing to take the vaccine, requesting their doses go to those more in need. 50 percent of workers refused in California’s Riverside County, and 40 percent didn’t accept the vaccine in LA County, the Las Angeles Times reported.

Jeff Bahr, president of Aurora Health Care Medical Group — part of Advocate Aurora Health — called the pharmacist a “bad actor” during a virtual press conference Thursday afternoon.

The motive for sabotage is still unclear.

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