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When I started @DailyPlanetDC in February 2014 I had no idea it would grow into what it is today.

As an avid Superman fan I’ve been inspired by the Daily Planet for as long as I can remember. Growing up with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), hiding in the closet in an historically conservative environment and living a simple life on a family farm was difficult and lonely.

I had family and a few friends but I felt as if I could never be my true self. Within the pages of DC Comics the Daily Planet (and by extension, Metropolis) seemed like a very welcoming and open environment. It was a safe haven for self discovery and determination, not to mention the Planet building was beautiful and inspirational. Something about a giant globe crowning the rooftop of an Art Deco masterpiece always left me breathless.

That building was filled with truth tellers and kind-hearted characters. Don’t get me wrong, there were some bullies, but their attitudes weren’t tolerated for long. What I’m trying to say is I always saw the Planet as a place for self expression –– a place where one can focus on their career in a nonjudgmental environment. I so desperately craved to be a part of it.

So, in 2014, I started a Twitter page inspired by this haven of heroes. I began collecting news from role-players but found that chronicling actual events was way more beneficial to both the Planet and myself.

Soon the page grew and retained thousands of followers. @DailyPlanetDC expanded from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

In 2018 the Daily Planet launched this website and started taking work from dedicated, outside contributors. Talent that needed to be recognized was.

In creating these social accounts, websites and online editions I hoped to achieve one thing: Making the Daily Planet a reality. I now realize I’ve achieved this –– at least to some extent.

I’ve met countless influential creators and contributors and I am forever grateful. Please consider joining the Planet.

States with contributors. Our goal is to cover the globe, chronicling the daily events of the entire planet. The Daily Planet has had contributions from numerous creators. This map shows all known locations.

Brianna Taggart

Managing Editor

There’s a magic hidden in the words and space of the Daily Planet. It’s a magic Zack sought at his family’s farm, and it’s a magic I saw in his eyes when I first met him over two years ago in our first journalism class together. That class is where my journey with the Planet began, but most importantly, it’s where I became friends with one of the greatest humans I’ve ever met –– dramatic maybe, but it’s the truth. In Newsroom Practicum, we applied for different jobs with resumes and cover letters. I remember our professor being shocked after reading Zack’s resumé and projected his Twitter account on the screen for the class to see. My jaw practically fell to the floor.

How didn’t we know this quiet, humble guy sitting next to us had about 25,000 followers on Twitter? Zack being Zack got uncomfortable from the attention and tried to shrug it off like it wasn’t a big deal. However, me being me, I was amazed by his talent and the more I spoke with him about the Daily Planet, the more his kind eyes lit up with excitement and passion. It was brilliant to see this genius spark to life, and even more so to hear his reasons for making this platform a reality.

We soon became best friends over our mutual love of storytelling, and I got to see the Planet expand from Twitter to this website in real-time. His love for this news organization inspired my love for it too. Every bit of joy I get from the Planet stems from what Zack created this space for. I come to the Daily Planet to share my love for things in the hopes of it resonating with another person too. This little corner of the Internet has quickly turned into a safe haven for me. No matter what happens, I’ll always have a place here, and I’ll always thank Zack for that. He opened my eyes to the magic this space offers through his dedication to help share as many stories as possible.

Karli Kruse

Head Artist and Brand developer for DailyPlanetDC.com

Working with the Daily Planet, and Zack, was such a great experience! I had so much fun helping create the magazine and branding. It was an honor to be able to work with the Planet and I have nothing but good things to say about the team behind it.

Brendan Rooney


When someone asks me what the Daily Planet stands for I respond back saying, “it’s an opportunity like no other and a home where I can work on my craft, build awesome friendships and get published for doing what I love.”

I honestly would have never imagined being able to get my name out as a writer but you know what, it happened –– and I haven’t looked back once.

Jahlil Rush


I decided to join the Daily Planet because it offered me a chance to be myself. As an aspiring journalist I take any chances to showcase my writing skills. The Planet has allowed me to write about anything and the crew behind the publication have always been welcoming. As a Black Journalist, the only thing I ask for in a publication is to welcome me with open arms and the Daily Planet has done that. Thank you Daily Planet!

Heidi Stang


I write for the Daily Planet because it’s fun and so rewarding! It is such an amazing place to get authentic experience and meet incredible writers. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and passionate. I’ve been able to write about topics that hold a lot of interest to me. I met the Editor-in-chief in college and he has been nothing short of fantastic. Zack wants all his writers to write about what they care about and succeed. The Daily Planet is wonderful experience for journalistic writing and all media professionals.

Brian of Earth 16

Podcaster and Contributor

I was amazed when the Daily Planet started to appear. In my mind I asked myself, “The Daily Planet? You mean THE Daily Planet? Like the one newspaper Clark Kent, aka Superman, works at?”

I was even more amazed when I was given the opportunity to become a contributing writer for the Planet on my birthday. The Daily Planet has given me the opportunity to write about things that I felt mattered to me and my readers. 

I am forever grateful to be a contributing writer for the Daily Planet, and I am proud to write for a publication that believes in truth, justice, and the American Way.

M’Niyha Lynn


The reason why I started writing is because Jahlil recommended me to do so and thought I was a good enough writer to contribute. I did actually decide to take him up on the offer. So I decided to reach out and start writing because I realized that I could have an easy way to get my work published as often as I want while receiving feedback on it from people outside of my college community.

I wanted to expand on my writing while not having to deal with the pressure for things like deadlines and given topics to report on. I had total control over writing about things that interest me or that I think others will care about, only doing the typical news, like politics and the economy, if I wanted to.

This freedom makes me feel more motivated to write. And by writing about the things I liked I have been able to attract a new audience to Daily Planet. I also feel appreciated and wanted by the Planet.

Clark Bova


When I was born, my parents chose the name Clark for two very specific reasons: the nomenclature of Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent, and the name was original, and unique in its premise. My father studied Ancient Rome all throughout undergrad and graduate school, along with taking five years of Latin. When I asked him why Clark, he told me the above reasoning, but also added, “Son, the etymology of your name ultimately derives from the Latin clericus meaning “scribe”, “secretary” or a scholar, referring to someone who was educated.” I thought a lot about that growing up, seemingly taking it as a truly renowned name to live up to. While I do know that fiction plays its part in the English language, learning that my name signifies a well respected trait and profession, this gave me purpose in educating myself about the importance of knowledge, and understanding.     

This, dear readers, is what leads me to the overall meaning of writing my articles for the Daily Planet. Not only is my namesake synonymous with the Daily Planet, but it also provides me a way to tell the story of my early years growing up as my father would have wanted me to. It gives me a place to truly become a real person in this world since during my earliest of years on this planet, I was merely an infant with no guided knowledge of the world I was being raised. As my father would explain to me, “these stories are meant for you to visit, write and read, to let the whole world know how important you are and how much we love and care for you.” As I have come to understand, we all have a story to tell on how life has an effect on each of us personally. However, we just each choose through what medium we’d like our tales to be shared.

– Clark Bova (written through the words of his loving Dad, Phil Bova) 

Zach Moore

Always Hold On To Smallville podcast host

I really respect what Zack has built with the Daily Planet. It’s not just a collection of superhero news and rumors, but a professionally put together publication that features noteworthy news from across all subject matters. Where else can you get deep dives and analysis into all things Superman alongside coverage of current events in our own world? I am very thankful to be featured along with the many other contributors here, representing my favorite corner of Superman fandom… Smallville!

Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota

Podcast collaborators

We were interested in collaborating with the Daily Planet because, as newbies to the podcasting world, we wanted to reach as large of an audience as we could. The Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet was intrigued by our social media platforms and reached out to us in the month before our first episode dropped, offering to help us broaden our reach. We couldn’t pass up on the amazing opportunity. Even before Episode One, the Daily Planet has encouraged and supported Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota. It has been wonderful to contribute to such a unique news organization.

Addie Marzinske


My experience has been great. The Planet lets me write stories that interest me, and they’re really flexible with timelines, and I never feel pressured. I really just get to enjoy the things I write.

Maddison Hunter

Photographer and Contributor

I was interested in the Dailey Planet because it’s a great publication with a large following. As a journalism student at the University of Minnesota Duluth I will always grab at the opportunity to get published because it’s great for your resumé and for building your portfolio. Also, it is a great team to work for and they’re very supportive when it comes to their writers.

Much like our source of inspiration, DC Comics’ Metropolis paper of record, @DailyPlanetDC prides itself on journalistic integrity. We strive to tell meaningful stories in ways only limited by the authors imagination. We’re an open minded publication that welcomes growth through communal ideas. The Daily Planet is where heroes are born, and the story continues –– we want you to be one of those heroes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Daily Planet and what you can do to be a part of it, find out what you need to by reading through this page. You can also message the Planet on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Email us with any inquiries as well at dailyplanetdc@gmail.com.

Editors Note: When I first reached out to everyone currently or historically involved in the Daily Planet, I hoped they’d have something phenomenal to say about this real publication. Reading the responses I got back not only made me emotional but struck me with a stark tone of pride. Only half a decade ago I was closeted, lonely and full of self contempt. Most of the time I was contemplating whether or not life was worth it. I looked at myself as a freak. I never want anybody else to feel what I felt. Hearing that this thing I’ve constructed, this site so many have worked hard on to make it a reality, was humbling. I’m honored to be part of such a phenomenal network of friends. Thank you all.

These statements were formatted in the order of which they were received.

Zack Benz

Zack Benz has been a fan of the Daily Planet since he was eight years old. The Daily Planet has always been a beacon of hope for him and it’s his life’s mission to make it shine in a similar light to so many around the world. Zack graduated with a degree in journalism and art from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019.

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