The Clark Chronicles: Chapter four

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Mom contracted the virus in early August, and it caused many issues with her return to work. It also provided many issues with dad as well. They were generally concerned about the virus but took all measures to ensure the safety of themselves and me. 

I look back on these writings and rifle through all the arrogance, irresponsible actions attributed toward the people’s approach to this pandemic. I cannot help but try to place myself in their shoes, such as what I would have done different, if anything. However, I do know that my mom and dad were forced to have me tested for the virus as well. I know this wasn’t easy on dad….he told me many times how bad he felt that I was so young to never fully grasp the entirety of the situation surrounding me. He almost felt, responsible.  Though he wasn’t. I know that, and have always known that. They were both so thrilled to have me in their lives, ecstatic is the word they used. But they felt the weight of trying to protect me from the evils in the world. My test results came back negative, as did my fathers.  But he still worried about mom, since we were all forced to quarantine following her positive status. 

Luckily, mom showed some symptoms such as lack of scent and taste, some small issues with breathing….which I am relieved to know that wasn’t made worse due to her asthma. We all moved on, and continued to work from home as usual. Though, not myself…HAHA, I just wanted to play, be held, coddled, doted over, and make funny noises as an infant, all the words of my loving father. I don’t even think my first time in a store was until I was almost nine months old. Mom used to feel bad because they couldn’t take me places to see, museums, stores, etc. Though that is quite humorous since I wouldn’t have remembered anyway. But I do recall the stories about them taking me to the zoo many times early on in my life. Dad sometimes rejected doing so because he was worried about the lasting effects on me as a child seeing everyone in face masks everywhere. 

Truth be told, I don’t recall those images no matter how hard I try to think about them. I do imagine what it was like to walk around with all those people being forced to wear them all the time. Thankfully growing up the spread of the virus dissipated, and a readily available vaccine was provided to the people. But that must have been some tough times for everyone, more importantly my mom and dad. They love me so much, and always have. Even my big brother Gabriel looks in on me all the time, constantly checking in on me to make sure I am doing well, and what is expected of me as the good person on how I was raised. Dad always told me “I wanted to always live up to my father’s expectations, but never lose site of your own”, and I always felt the drive to do the same with my mom and dad, and my grandparents as well. I only hope that I live up to them……

My name is Clark… and these are my stories that have been passed down to me over the years of my life, which have taken root in my consciousness in such a way that I was determined to set forth on a path to effect change on not only a global level, but one to better myself and those around me. No one knows who I truly am, and to be honest… I have yet to figure that out.

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