Clark Bova

The Clark Chronicles: Chapter four

Mom contracted the virus in early August, and it caused many issues with her return to work. It also provided many issues with dad as well. They were generally concerned about the virus but took all measures to ensure the safety of themselves and me. 

The Clark Chronicles — Chapter 3

I never really understood racism….I mean, I get that people are different by nature and all, but to subject an entire culture, ethnicity to a category designed to show prejudice is beyond me. 

The Clark Chronicles — Chapter 2

Phil Bova and his wife, Denise with their son, Clark

When I reflect from listening to the stories of my father, he had his moments.  But don’t we all?  Dad used to get so irritated at times when people used no common sense during the pandemic.  From the chaos came calm, and that is what mom and dad taught me. 

The Clark chronicles — Chapter one

When you are born into this world, no one is ever fully prepared for the magnitude of the surrounding aspects of which it entails. But with guidance, love, motivation and determination I have developed my skills to counteract the negative sphere of influence that pushes back against what I stand for. My name is Clark, and these are my chronicles detailingmy life growing up in the midst of global change.