Smallville 10×3: Supergirl — but not officially

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Any true red and blue Superman fan will recognize the name Kara. Not only is she Superman’s cousin, but she’s a powerful hero that deserves her own series. Thank Rao she currently has one. 

Ten years ago (Oct. 8, 2010), Kara Kent resurfaced on our screens when Smallville’s season 10, episode three premiered. Adequately titled “Supergirl,” this episode dove into the true nature of the coming darkness that Jor El foretold in the final season premiere.

Smallville is a decade-long original take on Superman’s origins telling of how Clark Kent became the famed Metropolis marvel. It ran for 217 episodes and the entire series would take nine consecutive days to binge. It’s currently available on Hulu.

After realizing she was mistaken about her relationship with Clark, Lois leaves Africa for Metropolis. Once in the City of Tomorrow, she reunites with Clark at an anti hero rally coordinated by loudmouth rebel rouser, Gordon Godfrey. 

A man in a position of power breeding hatred? Only something you’d see in a TV show. Oh… wait. Re watching Smallville’s final season is entirely different in today’s world. They say hindsight is 20/20, but in 2020 looking back, I feel like I have x-ray vision and everything makes way more sense.

Watching in disbelief as people tear her favorite hero apart, Lois courageously storms up to the makeshift street stage prepared to throw hands when, suddenly, a crane causes a billboard to topple off its perch. Prepared to catch the coming calamity, Clark ushers Lois behind him and reaches up with ease… but nothing happens.

Laura Vandervoort as Kara. Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

Enter Kara Kent, better known as the Maid of Might. Or is it Ubergirl? It definitely isn’t Supergirl yet. Even though the title of the episode is “Supergirl,” the character is never honored with the moniker. Not even after Smallville’s culmination. She is noted as Supergirl in the comic series, “Smallville: Season 11,” however.

I have to be honest, this episode isn’t the greatest. The effects seemed lax, even for then, and having Kara reveal herself to the public was historically inaccurate.

Superman is supposed to make his public debut, inspiring others to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SUPERGIRL. I was actually emotional after finding out the hit CW series, starring Melissa Benoist, was ending. Her origins just start after Clark’s, where she learns from his mistakes and becomes a better hero in many ways, inspiring Clark.

Back to Smallville, three weeks prior to Kara’s heroics, Godfrey became possessed by Darkseid, a malevolent deity. This possession allowed the dark lord the opportunity to corrupt the hearts of humanity on a more personal level.

I wish this simple explanation would stand in today’s world. A dramatic possession of evil would be so simple to eradicate but that’s not the case in reality. I continue to hope for the best while striving for change.

This review is going to be brief because, honestly, “Supergirl” was thick with a foundational back story that set up more of the season long plot. It lacked in story telling and fell short in comparison to previous season 10 episodes. Here’s my rating.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Within three weeks, Godfrey published a book taking a stand against masked vigilantes and heroes claiming they are a menace to society. Continued growing praise for Godfrey concerned Lois who decidedly went all investigative journalist on him, revealing portions of his true dark nature to the world.

As a writer myself, I have to commend Godfrey for his determination. Writing, editing and publishing a book within three short weeks had to take a lot of effort.

Erica Durance as Lois Lane. Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

Lois subsequently confronts shock jock Gordon Godfrey who has been crusading against heroes in an attempt to undermine them. Her aspirations shine through as she interviews Godfrey, but she’s not reporting for herself. She is reporting for everyone else. Truly commendable.

Lois Lane: Would you care to comment on your embarrassing save by a certain girl wonder? 

Gordon Godfrey: Bless my soul, it’s Lois Lane. If you want a quote, you’ll have to get in line. 

Lois Lane: You can save your holier-than-thou, made-for-TV platitudes and drown them in some holy water, mister. I have had enough of you blindly taking potshots at Metropolis’ heroes.

Seemingly unscathed by Lois closing in, Godfrey tells her of evidence he surmounted against a certain emerald archer. Surprised, Lois grew more determined to prove Godfrey a fraud. 

I loved this interaction. It showed Lois for the super sleuth she is, recognizing her instincts and proving she’s a true fighter for the truth no matter the cost. It also showed the lengths she would go to protect others. Lois Lane may have no superpowers but she’s a superhero to me.

Tom Welling as Clark Kent. Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

After her heroic save, Clark is stunned when Kara returns to Earth and tells him Jor El sent her to stop the oncoming dark force. She says that Jor El has given up on Clark and no longer believes him to be the hero of the story.

Slightly offended, Clark strives to confront his A.I. father. Kara points out that Jor El will not communicate with Clark and mentions that he should focus on embracing all of his powers, becoming the hero he believes himself to be. This does not bode well as Clark appears to be more grounded than ever before. 

I am so sick of how Jor El keeps building Clark up just to tear him down but I do appreciate his willingness to protect his son, even as an artificial intelligence.

Frustrated, Clark decides to pursue the darkness with Kara instead. In their pursuit for the greatest evil humanity will ever face, Clark discovers that Lois is already on the case. 

Godfrey’s true motives are revealed as he talks to his publicist in the back of his limo, where a disguised Lois Lane sits in as the driver.

“If I can plant an idea, a seed of doubt within people, it will grow until it devours their faith in each other and in these heroes. Faithless, they’ll be ready to be led down a new path. Humans are the best architects of their own undoing. All you have to do is give them enough rope, they’ll eventually hang themselves.”

Gordon Godfrey

Obviously concerned, but blinded by the coming fame and greed, the publicist dismisses this blatant honesty and advises Godfrey to take a break. As she leaves, Godfrey decides to go to a Metropolis sex club.

I don’t really have words for seeing the seeder side of Metropolis. Whenever I picture the city I envision a glimmering utopia of glass and culture. The Metropolis in Smallville appeared to be more relatable to Gotham and it’s always bugged me.

At the club, which is clearly the refurbished Talon set, Lois dons yet another disguise and snaps a few scandalous photographs of Godfrey in precarious situations, single handedly revealing to the world that this “prophet” to the people is not as holy as he lets on. 

Smallville is notorious for recycling two things, sets and actors. Many actors have appeared on the series in different roles and the Talon set is used as at least two separate locations in this season alone.

Godfrey, possessed by the dark force, takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue. When grasping the famed reporter, the darkness tries to possess Lois but finds that she’s pure of spirit. Her intentions are strictly noble and she seeks only the truth in order to protect everyone else.

I love Lois Lane. I. Love. LOIS LANE. Especially Smallville’s interpretation.

“[The darkness] can see your thoughts and feelings. It can find the one morsel of doubt that even the purest person doesn’t realize they have inside of them. It can possess you, but it can’t possess someone who’s pure of spirit.”


Wanting to lure Kal El to the dark side, Darkseid holds Lois hostage. I hate how Lois was “held hostage” in this episode. Putting a powerful character into the stereotypical damsel in distress role, especially one of this nature, was a total cop out. 

When Clark and Kara inevitably come, Clark confronts Godfrey demanding he releases Lois. As a wavering Clark confronts the universe’s greatest evil, this all out evil descends upon Clark, pointing out a decades worth of insecurities.

“Underneath all of that bravado you’re afraid you’ll never be the hero you want to be. You wish you could kill me. And I’m not the only one. I can see that. You’ve felt this way before. Your heart is racing. You’re at war with yourself, the turmoil is overwhelming. There is darkness in you and great power. I think we’ll go far together, you and I.”


Kara steps in and comes to Clark’s aid, who is clearly shaken by the encounter. I have to say that having Darkseid portrayed as an all-out evil entity makes the character all the more threatening. You can’t help but want to learn more about this version of the character and it really makes this villain more unpredictable, even for hard core DC fans. 

Literally no action occurred between these two titans. A puff of smoke and Clark ducking is all that it took for this battle between earths mightiest hero and the galaxy’s worst villain to end. I was slightly disappointed.

As the episode closes, Kara reveals that she’s fostering a new secret identity and thanks Clark for his guidance as he thanks her for hers. I loved this brief comparison because it pointed out that Kara is just as super (if not more so) as her cousin. 

Meanwhile, at Oliver Queen’s office in the sky, Lois tells her former boyfriend that his secret is safe. Godfrey has fallen from grace and Oliver no longer has to worry about his secret identity being publicised. Unbeknownst to Lois, Oliver went on a soul searching journey while she crusaded to protect the billionaire. 

Inviting a group of reporters to his penthouse suite, Oliver stands strong and delivers a shocking ending that only Iron Man fans have seen before.

“Thank you all for coming. I brought you here to make an announcement. People have these so-called vigilantes all wrong. There’s only one way for me to set the record straight. I am Green Arrow.”

Oliver Queen

Way to go Oliver. I get that you’re trying to protect your friends by coming out of the superheroic closet, but Lois nearly died safeguarding your secret. 

I do have to award credit where credit is due, though. This episode did point out the one true villain we all face — hatred. In reality, however, we have to be our own heroes and learn to overcome this greater evil.

Next week I’ll be reviewing one of my all time favorite episodes of the series. Smallville’s 200th episode, “Homecoming,” will definitely be an epic ride. 

Zack Benz

Zack Benz has been a fan of the Daily Planet since he was eight years old. The Daily Planet has always been a beacon of hope for him and it’s his life’s mission to make it shine in a similar light to so many around the world. Zack graduated with a degree in journalism and art from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019.

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