Partial building collapse causes devastation in Surfside, Florida


At around 1:30 a.m ET, a 12-story residential building partially collapsed in Surfside, Florida. The tragedy has left a total of 99 people unaccounted for, with 11 being treated for various degrees of injuries and one casualty. Search and rescue teams have been on the scene since 2 a.m. ET and intend to carry on throughout the night. 

United States accused of seizing Iran based news outlets


On June 22, 2021 Iran accused the United States of seizing control of several web domains for unknown reasons. The Islamic Republic News Agency identified a list of web-based news outlets that were targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), all of which are said to have ties linking them to the government in Tehran. When accessing the websites at the time of the alleged incident, notices appeared informing web page visitors that the current site was offline as “part of law enforcement action”.

Myanmar village burns as military coup continues


On Tuesday, a village in central Myanmar burned bright enough to be seen on NASA satellites. On Wednesday, all that remained of Kin Ma were a few lone houses and traumatized residents speaking out about what they witnessed. The once vast village of 240 homes was reduced to around 30 standing homes and the rest rubble and ash around them.