Wonder Woman short film to debut at Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival

Wonder Woman is set to return to the screen, but this time it's not Gal Gadot who will reprise the role—it's actress, filmmaker and cosplayer Valerie Perez.

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Valerie Perez, an actress, filmmaker and cosplayer is going to have her Wonder Woman short film featured at the Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival. On Wednesday Sept 27., she made the announcement on Instagram.

“A dream come true! It’s an incredible feeling to have my #WonderWoman movie short selected by the Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival to be screened on an actual paradise island!! Happy #WonderWomanWednesday to all,” Perez posted on Instagram with a picture of her dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume. 

According to the Cyprus Comic Con website, the film festival is an “integral part of the convention” and it is “dedicated to showcasing an array of genre short films from both local and international filmmakers. In addition, the festival “is a celebration of creativity, uniting filmmakers and animators with a diverse audience who share a passion for the art of storytelling on screen.”  

The film festival also features “panels and interviews” with “special guests, filmmakers, and other creative minds.” In addition to short films, the festival also has screenings from anime episodes, feature films, and student films. 

The Cyprus Comic Con will be held at the Kratiki Ekthesi in on Oct. 6 and 7 at the island country of Cyprus off the Mediterranean. 

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