Tips for Styling Curly, Thick Hair to Perfection

Tips for styling curly, thick hair to perfection

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With so many hair textures worldwide, each has unique needs to look and feel its best. This is especially true for curly hair, as it tends to have the most delicate texture and requires deep moisturization.

Here are helpful tips for styling curly, thick hair to perfection.

Use curly-hair shampoo and conditioner

Living with curly hair requires using the right products to keep it healthy and soft. You can’t purchase any shampoo and conditioning products—you need to use shampoo and conditioner products meant to nourish and cleanse curly hair. You want to find curly hair shampoo and conditioners that deeply wash your hair without weighing it down.

When washing your curly locks, stick with shampooing your roots to avoid stripping moisture from the rest of your hair. You follow up by conditioning your mid-strands down to the ends to prevent moisture from escaping without getting your roots greasy. Curls tend to look their best and retain the most moisture when you don’t wash them as often, so go a few days between washes.

Use a diffusers attachment

Curly hair is often more delicate than other hair textures, requiring optimal care, hydration, and consideration before styling. So, when drying and styling hair with heated styling tools, use the right heat settings and dry intensity to prevent frizz and damage. You can keep your hair healthy by using hair dryers properly and achieve perfect curls.

Furthermore, you should always blow dry your hair with an applicator to prevent damage and frizz. A diffuser attachment can spread heat flow evenly onto your curls, helping them hold and maintain their shape. You want to work it with your hair upside down and take in smaller sections so that your curls stay voluminous and stylish.

Untangle knots with a wide-tooth comb

Many people with curly hair understand the difficulty and frustration of brushing through knots and tangles. Depending on your hair’s curl intensity and thickness, combing, brushing, and styling your curly locks can take forever. One helpful tip for styling curly, thick hair is to rely on a wide-tooth comb.

Wide-tooth combs have better control over curly, thick hair, making it a more effective, tear-free experience. Start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up through knots so that they don’t become an impossible tangled mass of hair.

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