Tips for Keeping Playground Equipment Maintained

Tips for keeping playground equipment maintained

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Whether or not they get a lot of use, playscapes will degrade over time. You should regularly address exposure to the elements and frequent use to maximize equipment life.

There are so many things to remember that it’s easy to miss the little details. Use these tips for maintaining playground equipment.

Ensure adequate drainage

Reliable drainage is essential for keeping your playground safe and in good condition. Standing water will quickly deteriorate equipment and create a breeding ground for bacteria and pests. It can also result in mold and mildew growth, which presents a health hazard to users.

Ensuring the playscape is level during construction will limit the water that pools in the space. If you’re having difficulty controlling the water level, install a sump pump to ensure it stays below ground level.

Repair fencing and borders

Playground fencing and borders provide an apparent boundary between kids at play and the rest of the space, preventing accidents and making it easier for parents to monitor them. However, continued use and exposure to poor weather conditions can cause them to break down over time.

Regularly maintaining fencing and borders will ensure they stay in good condition. Playground borders mean less maintenance for equipment’s lifespans. Additionally, they promote safe behavior and are easy to install.

Invest in surfacing

Safety features can reduce the risk of injury due to falls and other accidents. The type of surfacing in the area can make a big difference in the quality of the space. Investing in safe surfacing provides a level area where grass and weeds won’t grow. However, it will quickly lose its protective properties if you don’t maintain it.

Playground surfacing, such as mulch, sand, and stones, is a cheap solution but doesn’t offer much safety. Modern playscapes use rubber surfacing to reduce the potential for injuries and keep kids safe.

Limit hazards with regular upkeep

Parents need to watch out for many things when taking their kids to the play area, but poorly maintained equipment shouldn’t be one of them. Learning to keep playground equipment maintained will extend the life of the installation and reduce the chances of a severe accident.

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