Why We Need Physical Security in Data Centers

Why we need physical security in data centers

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Modern problems require modern solutions. While many people question the need for physical data centers, lots of companies still utilize them.

If you’re one of them, you must figure out how to implement the best protective measures to keep our data centers safe. It’s not enough to rely on cyber security measures. We recommend setting up firewalls and training your IT team in security testing. However, you must also protect your infrastructure to maintain a safe working environment. Check out our article below on why we need physical security in data centers. 

Downtime from power outages

There are many ways that data centers work to protect your data. Companies are prone to more physical threats and emergencies than you think. Because of this, you need to reinvent how you perceive “protection.” Since power outages lead to downtime, you must take protective measures to ensure downtime isn’t occurring. Downtime can cause a company’s clientele to panic, especially when you store their private information on your physical servers. Since this is the case, storing data in multiple data centers as backups and getting a generator as a protective measure is wise.

Outdated access control

The last thing you want is for the wrong person to get access to your data center, and if your access control systems need to be updated, you can bet this scenario is much more likely to happen than you think. Your access control system could consist of wired access control, passwords, or simple key locks. Regardless, attackers and thieves can easily get through these security measures, giving them the upper hand when entering spaces that supposedly have top-tier security.

This is one of the reasons we need physical security in data centers in the form of security guards, physical barriers, and even camera surveillance. You can even implement biometric fingerprinting or facial authentication tech if you want to go the extra mile. Regardless, you can easily breach a compromised system. Make sure you act accordingly.

Lack of protocol to vet potential contractors

It’s not uncommon for a vendor to service your data center. But without a strong vetting process, you risk making it more vulnerable to threats. You need to speak to references and do a background check, but given the number of scams out here, the onus is on you to protect your data center by encrypting data and ensuring role-based access is sufficient. This way, only the people who need the information required to do their job will have it, and you can limit access to your entire data center infrastructure. These are just a few reasons to keep your data center safe. All that’s left is for you to take these tips to heart and protect your company, clientele, and data.

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