Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Your Glasses

Mistakes to avoid when wearing your glasses

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Glasses are both a stylistic choice and a medical necessity for many people across the world. While they may seem like a simple tool to put on, people mistakenly damage or hurt their glasses in many ways.

To better understand these issues, learn about the common mistakes people make when wearing glasses.

Not matching your looks

While glasses are a medical need for many people since they correct eyesight, they’re still an accessory that changes looks. You should take the time to find a frame that best fits your appearance. This way, you can best elevate your looks as you want. For example, a good rectangular shape will work on most faces.

Cleaning with your clothes

Glasses naturally get dirty over time as you wear them, so you’ll need to clean them to see properly. Many people make the mistake of cleaning their glasses with their clothes, which is convenient but may scratch the lenses. Most clothing is too coarse. Instead, you should use the cloth that came with the glasses, as they won’t damage the lenses.

Storing on your head

A mistake to avoid when wearing your glasses is storing them temporarily on your head. While this may seem like a natural place, your glasses will need to stretch to fit. This can cause the frames to bend and misalign from their starting position, changing how they sit on your face. Consequently, the glasses can lose the perfect fit they once had when you’re actually wearing them in front of your eyes.

Holding the temples

The arms on either side of the glasses aren’t strong enough to support the full weight of the glasses. While they work to hold them steady when on your face, they’ll slowly bend from continued use. This can lead to misalignment and make it difficult to fit the glasses on your face. You may even weaken the hinges on the glasses, possibly breaking them in the long run. That’s why a good care tip for reading glasses and regular glasses alike is to hold them by the nose piece.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll look your best and increase the convenience and longevity of your glasses. That’s why it’s important for everyone who wears glasses to learn about these mistakes and avoid doing them with their own glasses.

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