06: DESTINY (Erica in Crusade and Gone, Sn4)

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Lois…. Lois Lane. Lois has finally arrived in Smallville. In search of finding the person responsible for her cousin Chloe’s death, Lois looks for Clark Kent. Season four marked a turning point for the series, mainly due to the introduction of Lois. In this episode, Sara goes over all the Lois scenes in the first two episodes of season 4, Crusade and Gone!

Sara Brooke Christian

Sara Brooke Christian is a writer and scholar. She is the founder of Dreams and Screams, a production company centered around cryptids, ghosts, and aliens that produces radio shows, podcasts, and travel guides. Her favorite alien hails from the planet Krypton and her favorite character of all time is Lois Lane. She also collects Lois Lane comics and merch when she isn’t writing plays and hosting podcasts.

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