Ways Student Athletes Can Make Money in College

Ways student athletes can make money in college

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Being a student-athlete these days comes with many perks. You meet new friends, have opportunities for full-ride scholarships, and even explore the campus before anyone else arrives in your first year of university.

But there are also downsides, such as it doesn’t pay to be an athlete, you have a busy schedule, and you may miss out on spending time with friends outside your sport. Yet, there are ways to earn income while in school. Here are stellar ways student-athletes can make money in college.

Become a sports writer

Whether you’re a wrestler, gymnast, or on the school’s football team, you could earn a little extra spending money by becoming a sports writer. While you won’t work for a big-time sports media company, you can share articles with your school newspaper or a local news outlet.

This job allows you to look at the game from new perspectives as you share spotlight stories of players and get to know other sports. You even write enticing pieces to get others excited about future games.

Manage businesses’ social media accounts

You and your friends may spend a lot of time on social media posting about your fitness regime, a GRWM for preparing for a day of practice, or the big match. However, you can transform your passion for posting weekly updates into cash by managing small business social media accounts.

Get to know your college town’s local businesses and offer your services. Companies love hiring college students, especially athletes! Get to know the local coffee shop, bookstore, or fitness center, and help small establishments blossom. This experience can manifest its way into a full-time job in the future.

Work for your campuses athletics department

The athletic department is always looking to hire students, even if they aren’t on work-study. Student-athletes should consider working at their campus’s athletics departments. You’ll strengthen bonds with coaches and learn to keep busy during downtime.

Campus athletic departments have various offices that are always looking for part-timers. Administrative tasks, fitness equipment maintenance, and hitting the quad to advertise for big games—these responsibilities keep college athletes busy.

Get endorsement deals from brands

One of the other ways college athletes can make money is through endorsement deals. A lot has changed in how athletes profit from their status as an athlete in school. In 2021, the CFB landscape altered when the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the NCAA v. Alston decision, which had prevented student-athletes from profiting off companies using their names or images.

Now that the decision has gotten overturned, student-athletes can make NIL deals with brands, meaning whenever a business uses a student’s name or image, that student gets money in return. Consider reaching out to brands yourself and offering your services. You never know; you might become the face of your favorite athletic brand.

Students can earn money while in school as a student-athlete. Keep this list of ideas in mind if you are looking for other ways to keep yourself busy and make a little cash between classes, practices, and hanging out with friends outside of your sport.

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