The Importance and Dangers of Plumbing Pressure

The importance and dangers of plumbing pressure

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There are countless miles of plumbing infrastructure in every nook and cranny of modern society. Read on to learn about the importance and dangers of water pressure in your plumbing equipment.

The importance of pressure

The thought of water pressure building up inside plumbing infrastructure is terrifying for many building owners. However, water pressure is a vital aspect of a functional plumbing system and even plays a significant role in protecting potable water sources. Internal pressure helps dictate the flow of water through piping, pushing or pulling it to the desired location. More importantly, this same pressure prevents the water from backflowing and contaminating public water lines.

Fun Fact: the first instance of intentional water pressure creation for plumbing applications occurred on the island of Crete around 1400 BCE.

The dangers of pressure

Too much pressure within your plumbing infrastructure isa serious problem for your property’s structural integrity, your personal physical health, the surrounding communities’ well-being, and the piping and equipment itself. When water pressure reaches dangerous levels—either over 60 PSI in a residential setting or over 80 PSI in a commercial application—the stress transferred onto your plumbing infrastructure can become so powerful that it causes ruptures and breaks. Along with spewing high amounts of water in undesirable locations, a pipeline rupture often instantly triggers backflow conditions. In other words, water from a pipe break on your property can contaminate potable water sources and threaten the health and safety of your surrounding environment and community.

Controlling water pressure

So, how do municipalities, commercial buildings, and private residences control water pressure throughout their respective plumbing infrastructures? Often, backflow preventers are installed on these vulnerable pipelines to counteract negative pressure changes. Most important, however, is the inclusion of a pressure regulation device. Pressure regulation is key to backflow prevention as this equipment can sense dangerous water pressure changes and respond quickly to resolve the issue. Additionally, these plumbing systems receive regular repair and inspection services to ensure solid structural integrity and ideal water pressure conditions.

Recognizing the importance and dangers of water pressure inside piping is essential to ensuring a safe and functional plumbing infrastructure. Consult with a licensed plumber to determine the ideal solutions for your specific plumbing complications and water pressure issues.

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