LA stood in as the Daily Planet for establishing shots in the later seasons of "The Adventures of Superman."

Latest ‘Superman & Lois’ episode shows Easter Egg to George Reeves, Newstime

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The latest episode of “Superman & Lois,” which aired on The CW today, showed off an interesting tie-in Easter Egg to a 1950’s series starring George Reeves as the Man of Steel, as well as a Metropolis landmark from one of the most influential eras in comics.

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In the intro of the latest episode “In Cold Blood” Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) is experiencing a nightmare where Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) is calling out for help. He finds her in a disintegrating Metropolis where he finds his world falling apart. This is clearly a response to Lois’ cancer diagnosis from the past episode “Uncontrollable Forces.”

Lois is at the stoop of the Daily Planet Building, a symbol for his career as Superman and the place the two met the love of their lives. As the destruction spread, the Planet collapsed and seemingly crushed Lois Lane. Then Clark wakes up.

The Easter Egg was confirmed by one of the show’s writers, who stated that the Daily Planet featured in the scene had a double association. It tied into the first live action television series for the character, “The New Adventures of Superman,” which ran from 1952 to 1958 where Las Angeles City Hall stood in as the newspaper headquarters.

It also tied into the Newstime Building. An in-comic Metropolis landmark that took inspiration from the series for one of the most influential eras in Superman Lore.

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