The Most Terrifying Apex Predators of the Mesozoic Era

The most terrifying apex predators of the Mesozoic Era

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It is incredible that dinosaurs existed on the same Earth we enjoy today. It’s also a nice thought that we aren’t coexisting with one another as we might potentially become prey.

While not all dinosaurs would want to make you their dinner, there certainly are a few notable ones that would. Pique your curiosity and find out more about the most terrifying apex predators of the Mesozoic era.

Siats Meekerorum

It’s likely you haven’t heard of this dinosaur before, but when you find out that its prey was potentially another predator on this list, you won’t soon forget its name. Yes, it may seem unbelievable, but scientists hypothesize the Siats Meekerorum preyed on the T. Rex. Their larger-than-life size also contributes to the confusion as to why the T. Rex didn’t evolve into a bigger species. Standing 40 feet tall, walking on two hind legs, and with terrifyingly huge teeth, there’s nothing meek about the Siats Meekerorum.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Of course, you couldn’t list the most terrifying apex predators of the Mesozoic era without mentioning the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex. This dinosaur has such large and powerful jaws scientists estimate its bite had a force of nearly 5,000 pounds. Such a chop would quickly make a prey dinner. If a prey managed to escape those terrible jaws, it would likely later die of infection from the bite. That’s due to the bacteria that would likely be rotting between the T.Rex’s closely packed teeth, as they couldn’t clean their mouths.


If you walk anywhere in the Midwest in the United States, it’s quite possible that you could be walking in the same areas that an Acrocanthosaurus once traversed. That’s because one of the key traits of the Acrocanthosaurus is that its hunting areas spanned most of the Midwest. Paleontologists have located their remains in states such as Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, and as far east as Maryland.

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