What Healthcare Professionals Need a PALS Certification?

What healthcare professionals need a PALS certification?

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You might already be familiar with the acronym PALS, which is short for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. From the name, you can surmise just how vital this lifesaving training is for someone in the medical field.

If you are entering the medical field, you understand the depth of information you need to obtain. That’s why you might wonder which healthcare professionals need a PALS certification.

It depends on where you work

Most people assume that everyone who works in the medical field must obtain such vital certification. That assumption is generally correct, as this knowledge is incredibly important. HhHHHowever, the benefit of your PALS certification will vary depending on the area in the medical field in which you work.

As such, the healthcare professionals who will need and benefit the most from a PALS certification are those who work in an emergency room or pediatric/neonatal centers. For example, while helpful to know this information, a PALS certificate won’t be that beneficial if you work in an extended care facility.

What PALS entails

Now that you know that the benefit of obtaining your PALS certificate depends on where you work as a healthcare provider, if you plan to work in those areas that require a PALS certificate, you might wonder what the training will entail. In a PALS certification course, you will learn the unique lifesaving training that teaches you how to recognize the signs of cardiopulmonary arrest in children and infants.

Obtaining your certificate

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to obtain a PALS certification online. However, it’s important to know that your course has three main components. The first portion will include online, self-directed training. Once you have finished that part, you will move on to the second portion, which consists of the practical, in-person training which will teach you how to administer these skills. Then your third portion will be the examination, after which you will receive your PALS certification, which is valid for two years.

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