Why Divorce Isn’t As Scary as You May Think

Why divorce isn’t as scary as you may think

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The word “divorce” is constantly thrown around and demonized by the public, but it isn’t actually the worst thing.

Divorce can be a positive step for many people, but they get scared to pursue it because it has such a negative connotation. Continue reading to learn why divorce isn’t as scary as you may think.

Positive for your children

A huge misconception about divorce is that it will hurt you and your children. Traditionally, many couples have avoided divorce because they fear it will leave their children scarred and dysfunctional in their future relationships. Growing up in a fractured family and constantly going between two houses and sets of families isn’t always the best thing for a child’s development.

Still, it is preferable to a broken home. Divorce is the better alternative to living in a home where you and your partner have a miserable marriage. A marriage like this hurts you and your partner, but your children will also have a terribly skewed perspective of relationships as unhealthy and harmful.

You can get help in the worst situations

Another reason that divorce isn’t as scary as you think is that it can be someone’s lifeline in a terrible situation. Many pursue divorce because you can’t remedy irreconcilable differences, but others try to get divorced because they are in an abusive and violent relationship. Divorce is the only way out for many victims. Still, some find taking that initial step frightening because divorce seems scary and overcomplicated, or they don’t think they are in an abusive relationship.

It’s important to know the differences between domestic abuse and domestic violence to understand what is going on in your relationship, so you can recognize that you may need a divorce. Learning these differences can help you establish a claim for divorce and get the representation you need to get out of that dangerous relationship.

Divorce woes are temporary

Part of the negative stigma attached to divorce is about the life you live after the dissolution of your marriage. There are many stereotypes about divorced people, such as being continually sad and having difficulty getting back into the dating pool, but these situations are temporary. You will be sad for a little while after the divorce. Your life will be different, and you’ll need to relearn how to conduct yourself and figure out what you want to do. However, these woes are temporary. If you have a strong support system motivating you to get out and move past everything, it will be much easier to get back out there and on your feet!

Learn why divorce isn’t as scary as you think, and you can see that it should be a viable option for many couples. Ideally, you should still want to be in a loving relationship, but if that’s not possible and you’ve tried to remedy your marriage, don’t be afraid to pursue divorce. It can be challenging to deal with child custody and the separation of assets, but it is preferable to living in an unhappy marriage.

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