• Tom Welling on “Talk Ville.” Photo courtesy of Bryce M.
  • Michael Rosenbaum on “Talk Ville.” Photo courtesy of Bryce M.
  • Photo courtesy of Bryce M.
  • Michael Rosenbaum on “Talk Ville.” Photo courtesy of Bryce M.
  • Tom Welling on “Talk Ville.” Photo courtesy of Bryce M.

‘Duplicity’ or deceit? That is the question

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Deceit and “Duplicity” runs rampant in the third episode of “Smallville’s” season two, and Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling discuss the chapter on the latest episode of their latest rewatch podcast, “Talk Ville.”

The stars discuss whether Sam Jones III (Pete Ross) knew he’d get booted from the series shortly after finding out Clark’s secret. They also explore how Joe Morton was method on set for the performance of Dr. Hamilton.

Join Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum as they break down the countless instances of deceit in this week’s rewatch of Season 2 Episode 3: DUPLICITY … whole lot of lying going on. The guys show love to the performance of Sam Jones III in a pivotal Pete episode and discuss the unique decisions Joe Morton made off script in his sendoff as Dr. Hamilton. Tom talks about what went into Clark ‘stopping a car’ and debates whether or not Lionel was actually blind. Michael talks about the absurdity of Lana snapping over Clark’s ambiguity and how he would have handled learning Clark’s secret. Going to get Sam on later this season… promise!

Talk Ville episode description

In “Smallville’s” “Duplicity,” Clark (Welling) is forced to reveal his secret when Pete (Sam Jones III) finds his spaceship, Dr Hamilton (Joe Morton) is plagued by illness, and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) deals with Nell’s (Sarah-Jane Redmond) plans to remarry while Lex (Rosenbaum) and Lionel (John Glover) adjust to life together.

Currently, “Smallville” is available to stream on Hulu. Learn more about “Talk Ville” and subscribe on their website. “Duplicity” aired Oct. 8, 2002.

Photos from ‘Smallville’ — 02×03 Duplicity

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