Macabre Mel w/Adam Barnhardt

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Brendan Rooney and I chat with comic creator and ComicBook.com journalist Adam Barnhardt on his comic “Macabre Mel: Wicked Salvation.”

In this episode, we talk about the story of “Macabre Mel” and about how the comic sheds light on the nuances of morality that some characters experience.   Adam is no stranger to comic books as he has written the comics “Sh*tshow.” His latest comic takes place between “Sh*tshow no. 2” and “Sh*tshow no. 3” and the synopsis is “Macabre Mel once found herself trampled to death by the demon Balam (SH*TSHOW #2), and her soul was captured by Mustru-Ratu, the timelord that watches over The Plane Eternal (SH*TSHOW Shorts #1).  The good news is, Mustru-Ratu can return Mel to her body. The only thing she needs to do seems simple enough—travel to Hell and defeat Lucifer, effectively laying claim to the Sword of Serepynthia, an ancient relic Mustru-Ratu has had his eyes on for millennia.”   

The comic is now on Kickstarter and you can check out the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adambarnhardt/macabre-mel-wicked-salvation-graphic-novella  

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