‘Superman & Lois’ has cast its new Jonathan Kent

The superson duo of The CW's "Superman & Lois" has a new Jonathan Kent!

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According to an article from Variety, Warner Bros. has announced that Michael Bishop has been cast as Jonathan Kent. Bishop will be replacing actor Jordan Elsass who originally portrayed Jonathan in the first two seasons of “Superman & Lois.” 

Elsass announced that he would not be returning for Season 3 of “‘”Superman & Lois” due to personal issues. Warner Bros. announced that the role would be recast. 

Jonathan’s character experienced a major  arc in Season 2 in which his football dreams were dashed due to taking a performance enhancing drug, which turned out to be X-Kryptonite. Jon also concealed the identity of his supplier who turned out to be his girlfriend. Candice.  Now, Jonathan’s story will continue through Bishop’s portrayal. 

Bishop, an actor based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, has an impressive acting resume. His most recent credit  is the male lead in the Disney’s Channel original movie, “Spin” in which he plays a DJ who falls in love with a young lady who discovers her talent in music. In addition to “Spin,” Bishop was the male lead in several short films which include “Shelter,” “Dentnetion,” “Skin Like Bark,” “Pet Rock,” “Hunter and Gatherer” and “Indiana.” He also had a role in the Australian series “Grace Beside Me,” and a supporting role in the film “Swinging Safari.” 

Now, the Australian actor steps into the story of The CW’s “‘”Superman & Lois”’” which centers around Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and journalist Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) navigating the challenges that come with being parents to two teenage boys, Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Bishop) while living in Smallville.  

“Superman & Lois” season 3 is set to start production this week and it will feature the villainous organization Intergang. It was revealed that Chad Coleman (“The Walking Dead”)  will be portraying Intergang crime boss Bruno Mannheim. Mannheim is a character that has ties to Darkseid which leads to the speculation that the New God may soon make his presence felt in the series. 

The first two seasons of “Superman & Lois” can be streamed on the CW Network. Season 3 will premiere on The CW in  2023.

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