Why Cowboy Boots Are Necessary for Ranch Work

Why cowboy boots are necessary for ranch work

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The life of a ranch hand can be pretty rough, and the days don’t typically get any easier. While rewarding, you must have a certain level of grit to handle this work.

That said, your appearance also factors into the equation. Your gear provides you with all that you need to successfully work on the ranch, and boots are no exception. Read on to discover why cowboy boots are necessary for ranch work.

Leg and back support

With the advent of modern western cowboy boots, there is no limit to what you can do with them. They aren’t just for saddling horses and looking pretty. These days, cowboy boots feature a much taller, more comprehensive build that braces the wearer for long hours of being on their feet. The boot’s design supports your legs and spine to prevent slouching and exhaustion.

Foot and calf protection

The best boots for ranchers and farmers have no laces and use a hide with a rough exterior that protects the calves, feet, and shins against brush. Cowboy boots also often cover the toes with a hardened leather surface to provide extra protection. Sometimes leather boots like these will even feature steel toes to mitigate crushing injuries from equipment or animals.

Keeps you clean

Ranch work undoubtedly involves working with livestock. Because you’ll work with animals every day, you’ll need a shield to keep the muck off. The beautiful thing about high-quality leather is that you can get it as dirty as you like, and once it dries, the muck wipes right off.

There are many reasons why cowboy boots are necessary for ranch work that go beyond looking great on the job. Cowboy boots are rugged and durable, which is why they hold up in poor conditions so well. If you find yourself managing land and livestock, make sure you have a pair of western cowboy boots to match to keep you ready for the day.

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