Using vans for travel or housing is useful for your endeavors. However, ensuring you have the proper gear to help yourself in an emergency is important.

Emergency gear you should have for your van

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Van life is a great experience for those who want to see the world along the open roads and immerse themselves in nature. Numerous benefits come with living in a van, but complications may also occur.

The world has many dangers that could harm you and others, so it is important to have a quality supply of emergency gear for when that happens.

Spare parts for your van

The van is your primary mode of transportation; within it, you need to make sure you have spare parts to replace broken ones. You won’t have too much room in the van since you need some space to sleep and move around. However, you will have room for smaller items such as spark plugs, headlight bulbs, and a spare license plate if you want to be prepared.

A medical kit

Medical kits have saved many lives over the years, and the outdoors are perfect places to bring them. Accidents happen on the road frequently, and an emergency medical kit is essential for surviving and enjoying your van life. Stock your kit with plenty of gauze and bandages; bring rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, tweezers, and an ace bandage to prepare for most medical situations.


Flares are an essential piece of emergency gear when your van breaks down. The bright light of a flare will act as a signal for passing vehicles and potentially any helicopters in the area. Vehicles will see the flare, see your broken down car, and may pull over to see if they may help.


Every van should have emergency tools for performing maintenance on the vehicle. A tool kit with different wrenches, screwdrivers, and a tire gauge for measuring tire pressure is an ideal inventory. Jumper cables will also help in the case of an emergency where your car’s battery dies suddenly. The flares will help you flag down a vehicle if it’s nighttime and may give you a jump to restart the car.


For centuries, compasses have helped travelers on land and sea reach their destination. A compass will help you when you’re lost while on the road. Your GPS will only work so well in certain areas, so it’s good to have a compass and a paper map to show you which way to go.

Traveling by van is a fun way to move around the country, but an accident is bound to happen occasionally. Stay prepared for when those emergencies present themselves so that you will come out of them with ease.

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