Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent. Photo courtesy of The CW

Jordan Elsass exits ‘Superman & Lois’

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Jordan Elsass is leaving his role as Jonathan Kent on The CW’s “Superman & Lois” before the series debuts it third season and his part will be recast.

“Jordan Elsass has notified the Studio that he will not be returning to ‘Superman & Lois’ for season three due to personal reasons. The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast,” the series producer Warner Bros. TV said in a statement Tuesday night.

According to a report by Deadline, Elsass, a native to Texas, failed to reconvene with other cast and crew members back on the show’s set in Vancouver by the allotted time.

Much speculation is whirling about Elsass in the tailwind of this decision, with some saying the actor exited due to mental health issues.

Elsass has yet to release an official statement publicly.

A previous version of this story misspelled Jordan Elsass’s last name. The mistake has been corrected.

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