Pro-choice activists gather at Minnesota State Capitol

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Abortion rights activists gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul today to protest the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade by the United States Supreme Court.

The March was organized by UnRestrict Minnesota, a non profit organization put in place to provide accessible affordable reproductive healthcare in the state.

“UnRestrict Minnesota works to protect, expand, and destigmatize access to abortion care–and all reproductive healthcare—in Minnesota through public education, advocacy, and the law,” the organization’s official statement read.

“Our vision is to achieve full reproductive justice, an organizing framework created by Black women where every person has the ability to decide if, when, and how to become a parent; raise healthy children in safe and thriving communities; and have gender freedom and bodily autonomy,” the statement continued.

Thousands of participants marched to the Capitol Building from Saint Paul Cathedral.

Activists hold handmade signs as the march toward the Minnesota State Capitol. Photo by Zack Benz
Many protesters state that guns have more rights than women in most of the United States after the Supreme Court decision last month. Photo by Zack Benz
Protesters chanted “my body, my choice” and “hey, hey. Ho, ho. Abortion bans have got to go” as the treaded toward the Capitol in downtown Saint Paul. Photo by Zack Benz
Many state the rollback of women’s reproductive rights represents a rollback in time, where many United States citizens had limited rights based on race, sex and sexual orientation. Photo by Zack Benz

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