Your Essential Checklist for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Your essential checklist for planning an outdoor wedding

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Planning an outdoor wedding can be quite the challenge, as outdoor venues don’t come with the luxury of indoor accommodations.

Although it can be challenging to plan this type of wedding, there’s nothing more beautiful than a scenic outdoor wedding complemented by charming weather and panoramic views. Consider this essential checklist to help you plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Rent Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting transforms a wedding space, adding a charming and enchanted touch to your outdoor venue. Cascade or drape the lights over your reception area or ceremony space to set the mood. Outdoor lighting is also essential because it allows your guests to see each other (and you) when the sun begins to fade. When the sun goes down, and the soft luminous glow of your lights and candles takes over, you and your guests will be swept away by the romantic ambiance of it all.

Have Warmers or Umbrellas

Outdoor weddings have one downfall—the weather. It can be unpredictable or downright harsh and unforgiving. That’s why it’s essential to stay prepared. Place baskets with sun umbrellas by the ceremony area to provide shade in summer or place tiki warmers around the central areas to keep folks warm during the winter. These additions will keep your guests feeling comfortable and happy so they can continue dancing all night long.

Have Plenty of Refreshments Available

It’s essential to have refreshments readily available when planning an outdoor wedding. If you’re getting married during a hotter season, cold water and iced teas are great additions to keep your guests well hydrated. If the weather is colder, crafting a coffee or hot chocolate bar is another excellent way to keep your guests warm from the inside out.

Rent a Tent

Renting a tent is a must for any outdoor wedding. Tents provide a designated gathering place for your guests and offer protection from extreme weather conditions. This is a great addition if you want an outdoor wedding but are afraid of rain or other unpredictable weather factors.

Have a Backup Plan

While having an outdoor wedding may be your ideal scenario, sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan. It’s important to have a backup plan in the event that unfavorable weather makes it impossible to carry out the ceremony or reception outdoors. Having a backup plan will ultimately grant you peace of mind so that you can limit your stress on your wedding day.

Stay prepared, be resourceful, and keep your guests in mind when planning your outdoor wedding. Be sure to consider these essential tips to eliminate the stress of planning your dreamy outdoor wedding.

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