Money Making Summer Ideas for College Students

Money making summer ideas for college students

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Believe it or not, it can be hard for students to find jobs in the summer. Some jobs are looking for long-term candidates, and some college students are available for only two to three months.

Luckily, we created a list of money-making summer ideas perfect for college students! Don’t let the job search knock your spirits. There are plenty of other ways to make some cash.

Create a T-shirt printing business

Creating a T-shirt printing business is an excellent way for college students to make money this summer. Learning to apply heat transfer vinyl is an easy task and can make you a nice chunk of money. You have the chance to create T-shirts and memories for your customers.

Become a pet sitter or dog walker

You can earn an extra $1,000 a month by becoming a pet sitter or dog walker. Make money while playing with furry friends; it doesn’t get better than that! If you live in a neighborhood with many pet owners, this might be your best shot at making moolah this summer.

Make money as an online transcriptionist

Want to get paid to listen and type? If you’re an excellent note-taker and pay attention to detail, becoming an online transcriptionist is the perfect gig for you. This job requires you to listen closely and type accurately.

These online gigs pay up to $25 an hour while you work in comfort from your home.

Work a summer paid-internship

Summer paid internships are a great way to get first-hand experience while making money for working hard. Most summer internships in college are unpaid and usually in exchange for college credits. However, if you search online or on your school’s career board, you may find paid internships in your field.

Become a paid house sitter

To become a house sitter, you must take care of someone’s home or pet. You can get paid to house sit for others while on vacation. This is a great side hustle for those looking for a more leisure job that doesn’t require much effort.

Don’t go broke this summer! There are so many opportunities to make extra cash this summer. Use our list of money-making summer ideas to help save money or fund your next vacation.

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