Common Mistakes Rookie Truck Drivers Make

Common mistakes rookie truck drivers make

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Truck driving is a job with a lot of employee turnover. New drivers regularly step up to the plate and get behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler.

While the job may seem relatively straightforward, there are several common mistakes that rookie truck drivers make on the road. However, with some awareness of prevention, drivers can mitigate these risks.

Ignoring speed

Trucks are large, heavy, bulky vehicles, and driving them is very different from driving a typical car or van. Many novice truckers don’t account for how the truck’s weight affects pickup and slowdown speed. The best thing for truckers is to follow the speed limits and give themselves plenty of space to brake. It may feel like you’re driving too slow, but an accident is far worse for your schedule than easing off the gas pedal.

Fueling up at the wrong time

Knowing when to fill up your truck with gas is more of an art than a science. Trucks on the road regularly go through weigh stations, and you want to ensure your truck isn’t too heavy for the road. A single gallon of gas weighs about seven pounds, and that’s a lot of extra weight when you fill up a 150-gallon tank.

Plan your fill-ups accordingly and avoid adding too much weight to your rig. Paying attention to your surroundings helps, too, since you don’t want to get stuck in a long stretch of highway with no gas stations around.

Neglecting proper inspections

Another one of the most common mistakes that rookie truck drivers make is assuming that their truck is going to work the entire time without issue. It’s vital to perform a pre and post-trip inspection of your vehicle so you can identify and fix any abnormalities before they become more significant. Taking care of your truck is the best thing you can do to stay safe on the road.

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