Kevin Spacey portrayed Lex Luthor in "Superman Returns." Photo courtesy of Warner Media

‘Superman Returns’ actor charged with 4 counts of sexual assault

Former Lex Luthor Actor Kevin Spacey has been charged with four counts of sexual assault against three men in the United Kingdom.

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Prosecutors in the United Kingdom stated that former “Superman Returns” actor Kevin Spacey has been charged with four counts of sexual assault against three men.

The Crown Prosecution Service said Spacey “has also been charged with causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.”

The alleged incidents took place in London between March 2005 and August 2008, according to an AP report. Another assault reportedly took place in western England in April of 2013. The purported victims are now well into adulthood entering their 30s and 40s.

The Crown Prosecution Service’s head, Rosemary Ainslie, said the charges follow a review of evidence gathered by London’s Metropolitan Police, who questioned the 62-year-old double Academy Award winner in 2019. Spacey ran London’s Old Vic Theatre between 2004 and 2015.

Spacey was the artistic director at the theater for 11 years until 2015. Two years after his retirement from the position the Old Vic theater launched its own investigation into his conduct after receiving 20 allegations of inappropriate behavior. The theater later encouraged 14 allegers to go to the British police.

In 2017 actor Anthony Rapp accused the former Lex Luthor actor of assaulting him at a party in the 1980s, when Rapp was a teenager. Spacey continues to deny these allegations.

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