How We Can Help the Bees From Going Extinct

How we can help the bees from going extinct

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One thing is certain: we need bees as much as they need us. They’re an important part of our ecosystem, whether they’re protecting the queen or pollinating our plants that provide the oxygen we need to live. They’re starting to die at a startling rate. It’s our responsibility to ensure that they stay thriving.

So, how can we help the bees from going extinct? Let’s give you three special tips to help our furry friends live another day.

Avoid spraying your flowers with harmful chemicals

Spraying synthetic pesticides in your garden means your bees won’t have a safe space to pollinate. Of course you don’t like rodents nibbling on your precious garden, but if you’re going to use anything, try to use organic insecticides instead of pesticides. Pesticides may be poisonous to rodents, but they’re also poisoning your bees. There are several natural pest deterrents that are completely safe for bees with proper application, including concentrated compost, seaweed, neem oil, and garlic spray. 

Plant a tree in your backyard

Trees and bees go hand in hand. We all know trees provide oxygen, but did you also know that trees provide bees with their nectar? In that way, they’re a wonderful food source for the little critters. You can plant trees for free, and the process is simple. Find a native tree in your area and search around it for seeds. After that, you take the seeds and rehome them in your backyard or wherever you feel would be ideal. That way, the bees will have a nesting area and a food source to draw from.

Build a bee condo

A fun way to help the bees from going extinct is to while away your summer break by building a ‘bee condo’ with your friends. A bee condo is a little ‘house’ you can build for bees to rest in between pollinations. Bees get tired like any other animal, so it’s always nice to give them a little vacation spot for them to kick their antennae up and relax. As a pro tip, it pays to add a bee bath to your garden so bees can have a place to drink too. A quick online search will help you determine what materials you should use and how to best protect bees from the elements.

We hope this article has taught you how we can help keep the bees from going extinct and lit a fire in your heart for these animals. It’s vital that we let the little guys live their lives doing what they do best—helping plants thrive and humans survive.

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