Will ‘Moon Knight’ get a season 2?

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Marvel’s latest Disney + series debuted a new character into its live action cinematic universe. The final episode of “Moon Knight” will release on May 4. So far, the show is loved by the audience.

Yes, the story in the show is quite different from comics, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a very interesting take on the character and introduces Moon Knight perfectly. Since it generated a lot of hype and possibly a lot of views, it’s safe to assume that we can expect a season 2 announcement soon. We might get the official announcement after the final episode is released to Disney+ on May 4.

This story can go anywhere but it sure will be interesting to see more of this character. Moon Knight is supposed to be in a lot of upcoming Marvel projects from now on, too.

Recently the official “Moon Knight” Twitter account deleted a post about “series finale” teaser and changed it to “season finale” teaser, which hints to the plausibility that we have our confirmation already. We might get the official confirmation after the last episode of the “season” debuts on Disney+.

We’re excited for more of this story and we hope that the fans are excited too. There’s a lot of visible put into this series from the filmmakers.

Would you like to see a movie or a season 2 for Moon Knight?

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