DC reveals Pride-themed variant covers

DC debuts "Blood Syndicate: Season One no.2's" pride variant by Mateus Manhanini and "Robin no.15's" pride variant by Lynne Yoshii, along with multiple others.

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DC’s 2022 Pride celebration will be available at your local comics shop, bookstore, library and beyond this June with more stories and more characters.

In addition to “DC Pride 2022,” a new 100+ page Prestige format annual anthology comic, in the coming months DC will also publish a new young adult graphic novel, launch three new comic book series, publish a new Tim Drake special, feature DC Pride variant covers on multiple series, deliver a new slate of books to readers everywhere, and turn a spotlight (the Bat-Signal, too!) on the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Check out a preview of “DC Pride 2022” here.

Throughout DC’s line of monthly comics, DC’s 2022 Pride-themed variant covers will feature many of DC’s leading LGBTQIA+ characters, including Jon Kent, Nubia, Jackson Hyde, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Tim Drake and more. Today, DC reveals “Blood Syndicate: Season One no.2’s” Pride Variant by Mateus Manhanini and “Robin no.15’s” Pride Variant by Lynne Yoshii. The new Milestone series launches May 10.

Previously revealed covers are by Amy Reeder (“Batman no.124”), David Talaski (“Superman: Son of Kal-El no.12”), Derek Charm (“Action Comics no.1044”), Joe Phillips (“Aquamen no.5”), Kevin Wada (“Nubia: Queen of the Amazons no.1”), Kris Anka (“Poison Ivy no.1”), Nick Robles (“Nightwing no.93”), Nicole Goux (“Wonder Woman no.788”), Olivier Coipel (“Harley Quinn no.16”), and Stephen Byrne (“Multiversity: Teen Justice no.1”).

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