Crystals are elegant pieces often used for decoration, health, or spiritual reasons. If you've grown fond of gems, now's the time to learn how to use themThings To Know Before Working With Crystals

Things to know before working with crystals

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Crystals are a great gift to gift and receive, and the most precious ones are those that you feel drawn to on your first trip to a crystal shop.

The essence of crystals is deeply rooted in health and wellness but also has other advantages, such as doubling as incredible home decorations. If you’ve considered using crystals to bring more positivity to your life or simply want to learn more, read on to find things to know before working with crystals.

Pick one you’re drawn to

Crystal, gem, rock—these are all names to describe a crystal. The great thing about each one is that it has its own meaning and purpose, similar to how amethyst helps keep you grounded and protected from things like anxiety and headaches.

Amethyst is a beautiful stone, but don’t pursue it if you don’t feel a vibration. Here’s how to find a crystal you feel connected to:

  • Pick a rock you find a connection to
  • Select a gem that suits your struggles
  • Choose for manifestation’s sake

Practice using your crystals

When working with crystals, don’t rush into practice, as some would say. Using gemstones takes time and patience. The course revolves around energy, and if you find yourself stressing, that’s because you’re forcing rather than letting it flow slowly.

Take time for the crystal’s power to really flow through—you’ll notice a big change in your surroundings and attitude after letting the crystals do their thing. One activity to help practice your spiritual connection to crystals is meditation. Meditation enables you to reconnect with yourself and relieve stress. Here are other ways to use your crystals:

  • Slide a stone or two into your purse;
  • Place one on the nightstand before bed;
  • Practice yoga or meditation with the stones

Cleanse your crystals

Many say the most important thing is that you should cleanse your crystals before using them, even if they’re new. So, recharge them after each use. They drain even after you use them in a ritual or in everyday life.

Here’s how to charge and cleanse your rocks:

  • Place them on a windowsill under the full moon’s light
  • Bury them in the yard for 24 hours
  • Use a cleansing tower

Not everyone uses crystals

If you go to rock shops owned by non-holistic individuals, the staff might not necessarily have a good knowledge of the crystals’ medicinal purposes or deeper spiritual meanings. For the most part, most rock shops owners are geologists, so they won’t typically know about spiritual connections to the stones.

However, they are still knowledgeable about where you can purchase more stones like the ones you have and can put you in touch with spiritual shops.

As you learn about the things to know before using your crystals, it’s time to sit down and pick the crystals that have meaning to you and practice using them. Go out and choose the crystal that speaks to you and cherish its purpose and benefits.

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