Earth-16 Comics Wire Podcast- Episode 53: Black Rhapsody with Serena Sanchez (2022)

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In this latest episode I speak with Serena Sanchez about her comic “Black Rhapsody,” a “black & white horror/cult thriller comic.”

The comic “is about magical idols named after mythological goddesses fighting an uphill battle to overthrow an evil pop star from the music charts, and save the world.”

“Black Rhapsody” by Serena Sanchez

We talk a lot about the musical, mythological, and anime influences that were put into this comic. This was a fun chat! 

Brian of Earth 16

I'm a journalist for the Daily Planet and podcaster for Geek Talk with Brian of Earth-16. I am a huge Star Wars, comic book, pro-wrestling, and anime fan. I am also a cosplayer and have cosplayed as many character including our very own Clark Kent. And yes, I am a huge Superman fan.

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