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Opinion: ‘No Way Home’ reduces the chances for a ‘Webb Cut’ of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

In this opinion piece Jainam Turakhia theorizes why it would be difficult for fans to get a director’s cut of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" after the release of "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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It’s been quite a while since “Spider-Man: No Way Home” had its successful run so maybe it’s time we can finally get into spoiler discussions now. If you still haven’t had a chance to catch it, the movie is now available on Blu-ray and 4k Digital. 

Possible ‘No Way Home’ spoilers ahead

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is a great example of studios caring for the fans, giving them what they want, and being successful for that. Irrespective of your thoughts for the film, it’s an undeniable fact that “No Way Home” gave  the fans what they wanted for years.

Not only did it recreate the iconic panels that we, as fans, have been obsessing over for years, but it also brought back two of the most iconic adaptations of Spider-Man that have been fan favorites for almost two decades now. Both of these adaptations (Sam Raimi’s Trilogy with Tobey Maguire and Marc Webb’s duology with Andrew Garfield) were canceled back in the day over a new adaptation that left the fans disappointed.

But “No Way Home” not only managed to bring back the icons, they also managed to raise new waves of fan campaigns to see the continuation of the arcs of those heroes. People now want Sam Raimi’s director’s cut of “Spider-Man 3” and a “Spider-Man 4” that was once announced by Sony but canceled. After all, it’s always fun to watch Sam Raimi direct a film. Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness trailer proves how crazy and awesome the auteur filmmaker can be.

Fans also have been wanting the third installment of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man story  to bring Mary Jane’s arc with Spider-Man into play. A lot of stuff was left in the editing room while the first two films were being filmed and, ever since the success of the “Snyder Cut,” fans have been hopeful about getting full stories from their favorite creators. That, and the success of “No Way Home” also led to a rise in new campaigns for a director’s cut of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” 

From the stuff that was leaked and presented in the Blu-ray features it was revealed that there were a lot of arcs that were planned ever since the first film. Richard Parker was supposed to have a bigger role than just being a ghost in a history lesson. He was alive and in hiding. There were also extended arcs of characters like Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn and the fight that happened between them after Gwen Stacy died. 

A vengeful scene where Peter is about to kill Harry with his own glider was also planned, just like how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was going to kill Norman Osborn in “No Way Home.” But there’s a specific arc that was shot for the film but never released. It was an inclusion of Mary Jane into that universe. Portrayed by Shailene Woodley, the arc was supposed to introduce MJ as a waitress and as a friend of Gwen Stacy and, just like it plays out in the comics, she was supposed to be Spider-Man’s love interest after Stacy dies.

Now, in “No Way Home,” there is a particular scene on the rooftop where Andrew’s Peter calls Gwen his “MJ.”  He describes how over the years he got bitter and rageful and stopped pulling his punches. That can be assumed as if he’s never met MJ on his world just like Holland’s Peter hasn’t been to Oscorp in his. And, well, if that is the case, then to canonize, a Webb Cut possibly may never happen. Because if they acknowledge MJ in the director’s cut, then the arcs that play out may end up differently. But hey, it’s a multiverse now. That’s the best power card Marvel’s ever had in years. Even the non canon stories can now work.

Even though Andrew Garfield has no plans to return as Spider-Man, as stated by him during the 28th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in a question asked by Variety, the chances for a “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” are bigger than the chances for a director’s cut because “No Way Home” doesn’t reveal or tamper anything about what happens in his future arcs other than his dark path. So, maybe, if the plans were to happen, they could explore the dark path and could bring MJ and he would fall for her organically, or with the idea that his other multi-universal “spider brothers” ended up with an “MJ” In their respective realities. 

I for one would surely love to see that play out. Whatever it is, either a director’s cut or a sequel. Seeing Andrew back was a dream come true because of the attachment that I’ve had to his version over the years. Tobey was my first ever live action superhero and I have happy and mischievous memories while wearing the mask and jumping around the apartment, shattering the mask just to get a war weary look. Andrew’s the amazing Spider-Man is my first ever Hollywood film that I’ve seen in theaters, to see him again with my lifelong friends would be really awesome! 

Jainam Turakhia

Jainam Turakhia has been a fan of DC for as long as he can remember, but what really tickles his inner creativity is Zack Snyder's vision for the DC Universe. From there Turakhia has traveled to a lot of destinations exploring works of other artists who make movies or write books/comics. Zack Snyder however, is always his hometown. He loves watching, and analyzing, anything and everything. Still a student from India studying Chartered Accountancy, Turakhia's passion for stories doesn't seem to end.

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