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Barry Keoghan’s Joker officially revealed in ‘The Batman’ deleted scene

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Earlier this afternoon, WB and Director Matt Reeves have officially released a deleted scene from “The Batman.” The scene was made available through the website, and it shows Batman (Robert Pattinson) meeting the Joker. To note, this is the first official appearance by Barry Keoghan as the legendary Villain.

One thing to mention is that Keoghan isn’t drowning in acid white paint, or makeup, he’s physically deformed and outright terrifying. It will interesting to know if the character will show up again as the future of the series progresses.

Photo courtesy of Matt Reeves and WB

The scene feels it occurs during the second act or a little before the third act unfolds. When listening to Joker (Keoghan), he expels, “our first anniversary, and you bring me paper.” The exposition signifies that both characters have interacted before in this universe. As the scene unfolds, Joker reiterates the Riddler Case pictures are “So meticulous like he has planned this all his life, but he is a nobody.” It’s clear Joker is referring to the Riddler. It raises the question of what indeed occurred during the first year of Bruce being Batman has faced enemies before, and he isn’t at the level of comic accuracy quite yet. 

“The Batman” from Director Matt Reeves and WB is currently available to watch in theaters. 

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