Paul Dano to write The Riddler in a new DC Black Label limited series

Paul Dano to write Edward Nashton’s path to becoming The Riddler in a new DC Black Label limited series, "Riddler: Year One" by Paul Dano and Stevan Subic. This six-issue bimonthly limited series to launch October 2022.

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For many film and comic book fans, Paul Dano’s portrayal of The Riddler in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” (in theatres now) was arguably one of the most chilling and terrifying incarnations ever seen in a Batman film.

This October, fans will have the opportunity to learn more about The Riddler’s origins in “Riddler: Year One,” a six-issue bimonthly DC Black Label series, written by “The Batman” actor Paul Dano, with art by acclaimed European illustrator Stevan Subic, making his DC debut.

This series explores the background of how accountant Edward Nashton went from a simple Gotham City nobody to becoming Batman’s nemesis, setting them on a collision course in the blockbuster feature film.

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“Riddler: Year One” Teaser Image by Stevan Subic. Photo courtesy of DC

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