Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang and Gerard Christopher as Superman. Photo courtesy of Warner Media

‘Superboy’ is now streaming on Tubi

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The entire four season, 100 episode run of “Superboy,” later retitled “The Adventures of Superboy,” is now available to stream for free on the streaming service Tubi.

“The Adventures of Superboy” was produced by Ilya and Alexander Salkind from 1988 until 1992 and was previously featured on the DC Universe streaming service before becoming comic book based after the Launch of HBO Max.

The series follow a young Clark Kent as he balanced normal college life with his dual identity as the Boy of Steel.

John Haymes Newton played the leading role of Superboy opposite Stacy Haiduk’s Lana Lang in the inaugural season but by season two, Newton was replaced with actor Gerard Christopher, who continued the role of Superboy throughout the remainder of the series. The show also featured Peter Jay Fernandez, Robert Levine, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and more.

John Haymes Newton as Superboy. Photo courtesy of DC

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