The Best Ways To Support Your Aging Parents

The best ways to support your aging parents

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There are many signs to look for when determining the best ways to support your aging parents. As people age, they may struggle to complete everyday tasks.

It’s natural to want to take care of them, but let’s talk about a few ways to support your parents without being overbearing.

Be respectful

It can be tempting to do everything for your loved ones, like preparing their meals, scheduling doctor appointments, and more. While this may be helpful for your loved ones at the moment, it may begin to convince them that they’ve lost independence.

Of course, it may be your wish to do everything you can to help them in this challenging time, but try to be respectful and give them their space while doing so.

Use communication

You might consider asking your parents what they need every day or if they want help with anything. Respect their space unless you see them struggling with a task to the point where they can’t do it on their own.

Communicate with them and let them dictate how and when you assist them. Keep in mind that many elderly parents have a hard time asking for help. Asking your parents how you can care for their well-being shows them your willingness to support them.

Set up safety network

One of the best ways to support your elderly parents is by setting up a safety net that includes siblings, cousins, doctors, specialists, and more. They may also use a wearable medical device that alerts emergency services if they fall or experience a medical emergency. Gathering a community of trusted individuals to come to your parents’ aid whenever they need it is essential in providing care for them when you’re unavailable.

For example, you may schedule regular check-ins between your siblings. You visit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and your other siblings visit on the other days. That way, they have a revolving system of support and social interaction each day.

If you struggle to visit your parents daily, you may consider choosing an in-home care provider that can assist them with chores, meals, medications, and more. That way, you can rest assured that a professional is helping your parents when you’re not there.

Be sure to follow the above ways to support your aging parents to ensure they feel protected, safe, healthy, and happy while still maintaining their independence.

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