Tips for Tiring Out Your High Energy Puppy

Tips for tiring out your high energy puppy

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It’s common knowledge that not all dogs have the same temperament. Some tend to be on the shyer side, while others are outgoing and rambunctious.

The same applies to their energy levels. Certain dog breeds have higher amounts of energy due to the type of work people bred them to do. Therefore, failing to give them enough exercise opportunities can lead to property destruction and a lack of obedience later on in life. So, if you have an energetic dog, use these tips for tiring out your high-energy puppy to keep them happy.

Take them for long walks

Dogs aren’t fully indoor pets. This is especially true for those with a large need for activity. As a result, all dog owners must find some way to fit regular walks into their schedule. Walks allow dogs to release some of their pent-up energy while letting them explore the world around your home. They’re new and exciting for puppies, and they’re key chances for you to bond with them. Because of this, we recommend that you take your puppy for slightly longer walks if they seem to have excess energy.

Professionally train them

You can also tucker out your pup by providing them with instruction from a professional dog trainer. Even teaching them basic commands like “sit” and “stay” require your puppy’s brain to think and focus. Training supplies them with a job to do and expends some of their energy in the process. Choosing a quality trainer can also give you access to additional resources to help your dog, such as the option of group exposure or more advanced curriculums.

Expose them to other dogs

Another helpful tip for tiring out your high-energy puppy is to give them more playtime with other dogs. As much as you try to keep up with them, only an equally energetic playmate can get the largest amount of activity out of them. For this reason, taking your puppy to a dog park or a local playing facility for a few hours each week can do them a world of good. Socializing your puppy in this way will also make them more confident around others and less likely to be nervous when seeing someone new.

Use brain-stimulating toys

Just like training can use up energy by getting the brain to work, giving your puppy stimulating toys can also curb some of their more destructive habits. By hiding treats within secret compartments and requiring your dog to figure out the puzzle, you’ll build their problem-solving skills. You even have several different kinds of toys to experiment with. So, your puppy will always have a new experience to keep them entertained.

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