The Most Beautiful Winter Hikes in the United States

The most beautiful winter hikes in the United States

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You don’t have to stash the hiking gear when the temps drop—there are many beautiful winter hikes in the United States.

You’re missing out if you haven’t visited some of these eye-catching landscapes on the West or East Coast. Let’s explore some of the top five and see if you’ll be planning your next trip!

Jud Wiebe Memorial Trail, Colorado

Jud Wiebe is remarkable in the winter due to the fact that it remains relatively dry year-round, regardless of nearby Telluride being incredibly snowy. This three-mile stretch of hiking opens to the town, where you can watch the skiers at Telluride Ski Resort or simply imagine what life would be like in a niche mountain town.

Cumberland Trail, Tennessee

Once completed, the Cumberland Trail will be a healthy 282-mile stretch. Hikers tend to clear out around the winter, so that’s the most optimal opportunity to make a trip and explore in peace. Just nearby, you can visit the Possum Creek area and let the picturesque waterfall wash away your worries.

Watchman Trail, Utah

Zion, Utah, is undoubtedly one of the most popular spots in the summertime, but don’t miss the opportunity to gaze at everything there is to see in the winter. With a very Mars-like feel, Zion features beautiful sandstone spires and cacti. The Watchman Trail is a breezy 3-mile hike round-trip, and there’s plenty of exploring to do when you’re finished.

Cape Falcon Trail, Oregon

For some people, the mountain terrain doesn’t cut it. And for those people, there’s Cape Falcon Trail, where you might have the opportunity to whale-watch if you play your cards right. The trail is roughly 5 miles long with a 100-foot ledge. You can stop and watch as the waves rush and the whales play. The best opportunity for whale-spotting is during December and January, as this is their migration season from the Bering Sea to Baja.

Gorham Mountain Trail, Maine

Busy summers in Maine consist of lobster rolls and golden sunsets along the coastline, but as the season winds down, Gorham Mountain Trail becomes one of the most beautiful winter hikes in the United States. This nearly 3-and-a-half-mile hike requires snowshoes or skis to trek to the top through the many layers of snow.

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