Prom: How To Make Sure You’re Ready for the Big Day

Prom: How to make sure you’re ready for the big day

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Prom is a big event that takes more than a day to plan. Trying to make everything perfect can put you under a lot of pressure.

Help calm your anxious thoughts with this guide for how to make sure you’re ready for the big day.

Dress or suit shopping

This task is arguably the most significant assignment to make sure you’re ready for the big day. Start shopping early to get a jump start, ensure you get the fancy outfit you want, and allow enough time to get alterations if necessary. Take time to get an idea of what kind of outfit you’d like by searching online.

There’s no harm in purchasing your prom attire online but allow for enough time to send it back if the sizing is off.

Pro Tip:

If you’d like to buy a dress that’s popular, don’t hesitate to buy it as soon as prom dresses are available to purchase.

Book appointments early

Book appointments early if you’re planning to head to the salon or hire someone to apply your makeup. Salons book up quickly, so it’s important to get an appointment early—especially if you’d like to get your hair done by your favorite hairdresser.

This tip applies to any other businesses you’ll need to access that day—like a photographer, a limo service, or a party bus. Don’t lose out! Make your appointments as soon as possible.

Gather all accessories

Once you’ve found your perfect fancy dress or suit, it’s time to get started on searching for shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories you’ll need. Decide if you’d like a shawl in case you get cold.

Break in your shoes so you won’t be uncomfortable in them on prom day (especially if you bought heels and are not used to walking around in them.) Spend a few hours becoming comfortable with how they feel. That way, you’ll be ready to dance the evening away.

Ensure pre and post plans are in place

If you’re going with a group, ensure everyone knows the details of the day and after prom is over. Discuss where you’ll be meeting, where you’ll be taking photos, who will be driving or where to get picked up, and all other details.

The most crucial thing to remember is to have fun and stay safe. Enjoy the dancing and socializing and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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