AList asks why the world doesn’t have a great Superman game

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YouTube account AListProductions shared their conclusive thoughts on why the world should have an enjoyable Superman game in a recent video.

Over the span of Superman’s 80 plus year career there have been a multitude of various games that let players interact as the Man of Steel, but none have truly been worth while.

In the video, AList expresses the obvious surprise of why there hasn’t been an enjoyable video game featuring the Metropolis marvel. He also points out that other iconic heroes, like Batman and Spider-Man, both have prominent gaming presence, so why doesn’t Superman?

There really isn’t any answers, but this video asks all the right questions.

In the end the YouTuber shared what he believes a Superman game could be like and leaves viewers wishing one actually existed.

Zack Benz

Zack Benz has been a fan of the Daily Planet since he was eight years old. The Daily Planet has always been a beacon of hope for him and it’s his life’s mission to make it shine in a similar light to so many around the world. Zack graduated with a degree in journalism and art from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019.

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