Trailer for fan-film ‘Spider-Man: Lotus’ debuts

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An official trailer for the highly anticipated fan-film “Spider-Man: Lotus” has ensnared the world wide web, capturing over 280,000 views in only 18 hours.

“Spiderman: Lotus” follows Peter Parker as he copes with the many losses faced since donning the mask. The nonprofit film has faced tremendous support from fans. Throughout early development and production on “Spider-Man: Lotus” a fundraising campaign was transpiring. Their various milestones were met and exceeded beyond expectations with the film achieving an insurmountable amount of $68,649, well over their ultimate fundraising goal of $20,000+. 

The film stars Warden Wayne as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, Sean Wythe as Harry Osborn, Moriah Brooklyn as Mary Jane Watson, Tuyen Powell as Gwen Stacey and Max Fox as Tim Harrison.

“Spider-Man: Lotus” will premiere in 2022 on the YouTube channel, GJ Konop

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