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As a fan of the video game and the comics, I was very much looking forward to “Injustice,” the DC animated film adaptation of the original comics by Tom Taylor.

Spoiler alert

As a usual feature length animated film, it works okay given that this is the first time we’re being introduced to the storyline (I’m trying to judge this movie for being a movie rather than an adaptation).

The cinematic aspects were good. I’m not a fan of the current DC animated movie adaptations, especially when it comes to the cinematics. Their animation style is precisely ridiculous but here, it was quite impressive. The visuals were outstanding and so was the score.

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Removing flash from the storyline at the very beginning really helped this story be about Injustice rather than a flashpoint because the biggest question then would’ve been, “if he’s about to undo all of this, why wouldn’t he?”

I really liked the joker here. The Mature Rating was very impactful, especially with the bloodshed.
The end was predictable. It was obviously going to be Lois from an alternate universe who lost his Clark just like our Clark lost his Lois. A very typical Deus ex machina.

They summed up the entire thing well into 1 hour and 20 minutes, leaving a few plot holes like what happened to Jordan after Superman took his ring? “Deadwing” and Bruce ever meet? All these plot holes might never be explored now since the story has a definitive conclusion.

They started off as heroes we know and love turning into tyrants. Superman’s tyranny was justified but what about Diana and Victor? They’re kind, loving and compassionate. Why is Diana so merciless here? By the end she does realize that Superman is wrong but how did she totally forget who she is? She is a warrior, yes, but she’s the symbol of love. And she would do anything it takes to protect what she loves, but why would she be open to killing what’s already in control? That’s not love, that’s order and chaos. But, fairytales work on the idea of disbelief so, maybe, I’d give it a pass since it’s elseworlds.

This film was said to be an adaptation of “Injustice: Gods Among Us’” year one comics, but they climaxed it here itself ending the possibilities of any future storyline. Now, as a person who has been into the Injustice-verse a lot, that’s a big low for the adaptation.

The storyline would have benefited a lot if it were an animated series. There’s so much going around with the stories to end them all with just one movie. The absence of the essential characters like Black Canary, Green Lanterns, etc. can be felt.

So, for what it is worth, a one time watch perhaps but if you’re a die hard fan of the comics and the games, maybe skip this one out.

My rating would be 2.5/5 stars

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Jainam Turakhia

Jainam Turakhia has been a fan of DC for as long as he can remember, but what really tickles his inner creativity is Zack Snyder's vision for the DC Universe. From there Turakhia has traveled to a lot of destinations exploring works of other artists who make movies or write books/comics. Zack Snyder however, is always his hometown. He loves watching, and analyzing, anything and everything. Still a student from India studying Chartered Accountancy, Turakhia's passion for stories doesn't seem to end.

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