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Mileage tax study proposed in Presidents infrastructure bill

A provision in Biden's infrastructure bill would establish a study to assess a mileage tax but will not immediately enact such a tax.

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Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill, currently being examined in Congress, calls for a pilot program for volunteers who own passenger and commercial vehicles to assess how much of a per-mile fee could be collected if one day created, according to The Associated Press, Verify and PolitiFact.

The bill also explains that the government would reimburse volunteer participants for any fees they pay after recording their miles as part of the study, Verify reports. The bill does not include a “driving tax,” at 8 cents per mile, according to the AP.

But it’s clear in the text of the bill that this is just a pilot program. None of us will actually be paying a per-mile user fee. The bill explains people would volunteer to be part of the test.

The test would require volunteers to record their miles, pay the fees, and then be reimbursed by the government.

This pilot program would go through the year 2026 and at that point, if Congress and the president like it, they would have to pass another bill making it into law.

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